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By Shraffi Monica | 18 September 2020 | 0 Comments

FOCUS Team Building

On August 28th.2020, a bright and sunny afternoon.
Focus Team traveled to the beautiful Guilin city in Guangxi Province of China for a team building, with the theme of "responsibility, tolerance, courage and innovation", join us to enjoy a series of amazing activities now!
There is a saying in China that says: East or west, Guilin landscape is best. 
Let us experience this touching story told by the Green hills and clear water, and Ten-mile Gallery takes us into the dream world. 

Focus Inc. Culture:  create everybody a colourful life.  

Focus Team was making glutinous rice cake and bamboo rice. There is no one more food more treasure than what we did by team working together and gain together in the world!

Climbing the Dragon Backbones Rice Terraces and seeing different cultures, let us recall the precious things that have been worn away by time in our work: will, passion and vitality. 

In the evening, we started a team competition game. Each team is making every effort to contribute to their own team, never abandoning or giving up everyone in the team. 

Focus, makes everyone's life more fantastic!
Focus, for our customers values!


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